Spanish partner FAMCP - Federation of Municipalities, Regions and Provinces Aragon has a great opportunity to disseminate and communicate the development of DEMO EC project during the semester with the stakeholders. 

Romina Magni De Antonio, explained the exchange of experience objective of the project Development Sustainable Mobility in European Cities. She gave enphasis to the main goal to be achived , during the PHASE 1, semester 4. The encouragement of models transport that are respectful with the environment and mean a real alternative to fight against high CO2 emissions, under the topic Public Transport

Explained and talked about the last STUDY VISIT with DEMO EC PARTNERS , the last 13-14 September 2018 in which partner regions joined together (representants of PPs and Stakeholders) to Exchange Experiences about Public Transport and e-Mobility good practices in Milaowek (Poland).