The visit took place in Genova city centre and was mainly focused on the electric  mobility systems of the city.

At first the group headed in Piazza Matteotti where the Director of Genova Car  Sharing Marco Silvestri showed the functioning of the electric charging system of a  car-sharing car and, more generally, gave to the partners some information about  car sharing service in Genova and in Italy. Car sharing service operates in Genova  with a station based system and a fleet of 60 cars (city, medium and van). Two of  these cars are electric and are located in the city centre. The service is managed  since 2013 by the private company Aci Global S.p.A.

The visit continued along Via San Lorenzo, where Antonio Rossa showed the goods  access system in the historic center with all the difficulties related to the lack of  space. Reached the old port area the visit continued through the Genoa subway (operating since 1990 with a network of 7 km with 8 stations) to the Genova Principe railway station. 

Due to its geographical structure Genova has natural barriers that close the city  between the see and the hills. Several electric upstream infrastructures are a practical solution to reach quickly the hills above the city and can be used with all the travel tickets of the urban network: 

  • 2 funiculars (Sant'Anna and Zecca-Righi) 
  • 1 railway rack (Principe-Granarolo)
  • 12 lifts
  • 1 suburban railway (the Genova Casella railway, a historic facility that  connects Genova to the Municipality of Casella, a small hamlet) 

The tour carried on to visit two of these lifts, D’Albertis-Montegalletto and  Castelletto levante lifts. 

The first connects Piazza Principe Station, with the ring-road upstream  “Circonvallazione a monte” where there are neighborhoods highly populated. This  lift is a particular public transport system combining the funicular and the lift system.