The participants of the stakeholder meeting in Poland were the project team, representatives of urban planning department and technical services of city, members of non-governmental organizations.

The stakeholder meeting started with a short introduction of DEMO-EC project including the objectives, partners  and activities. Also the policy instrument have been shortly introduced. The idea is to creation of a common transport system based on cycling between the municipalities of Milanówek, Brwinów and Podkowa Leśna. 

Project manager Aleksandra Kowalczyk from Municipality of Milanowek made a presentation about the construction of new bicycle paths in Milanówek,  Brwinów and Podkowa Leśna. She also told about the opening of a bicycle route through the entire Warsaw’s suburban Garden Tri-city. 

After introduction the experts made a presentation about the concept of traffic organization in the city in the  context of limiting car traffic, increasing pedestrian traffic, bicycle traffic and promoting public transport. 

Experts presented examples of solutions for some streets in Milanówek. After presentation participants  discussed on the possibilities of speed limits on municipal roads, modernization of cycling infrastructure and activities related to the change of transport behavior of inhabitants of Milanówek. The discussion will be further extending with additional stakeholders in the next stakeholder meeting and dissemination event.