The participants of the stakeholder group meeting were the project team, representatives of related city departments (former cycle-coordinator invited, but not presented) and important stakeholders related to the cycling as transport engineer and interested group reps. The total number of participants was 10 persons.

Project partner Statutory city of Liberec presented the aim to prepare a complex analysis of the stage of cycling infrastructure as a measure to support the development of low carbon transport in the city. The participants were informed on the stage of preparation of the analysis, timetable and cycle-measures included. There was a wide discussion on the measures including raising new proposals and reviewing the ones presented. The analysis will be reviewed upon those conclusions and finalised by the end of March 2018. We are aiming at discussing the paper at the Transport commission of the City Council and also at presenting it to the City Council and relevant municipal departments. The analysis shall be utilized as a concrete tool for enhancing the infrastructure for cyclist in Liberec as well as to provide a real support for cycling as a regular part of the urban mobility system.