The 3rd stakeholder meeting was held on 31. January 2018 in Ljubljana in the premises of the Environmental centre where all prominent institutions related to sustainable mobility in Slovenia are placed and co-working. The participating organisations were: IPOP - Institute for spatial policies, FOCUS - the association for sustainable development, CIPRA – the association for the protection of the Alps, University of Ljubljana - Faculty of Art and Development agency Sinergija. One of the organisation has already participated in the 2nd stakeholder meeting. The good cooperation continues in the 3rd semester as well.

In this semester Development agency Sinergija has stepped towards to the mobility management activities. By involving other organisations, the stakeholder group make wider consensuses and legitimacy to disseminate the words of mobility management to the municipalities.   

The activities of the group can be presented by joining forces in public procurement for obtaining the public funds that support the sustainable mobility in schools and kindergartens. The consortium that have met in Ljubljana has a goal to run the project in education organisation and support multipliers to boost the school commuting in Slovenia.  

The stakeholder meeting was very active in sense of assigning the tasks and activities in the upcoming public procurement. By gathering the references, the consortium has big chances to win the public procurement which will allow to support mobility management within the public institutions.