The meeting was attended by Municipal Police and representatives of the Brwinów City Hall, who were involved in the preparation of the Communication Study covering all branches of passenger and freight transport in the area of Warsaw’s suburban Garden Tri-city. During the meeting, the issue of updating the study was discussed, including the measurement of traffic flow in particular sections of cities, improvement of public transport, and above all bicycle paths between municipalities. The issue of missing covered bicycle parking lots and the demand for public bicycles in Milanówek were also discussed.

The Municipal Police presented their activities in the field of educational programs for pre-school and school childrenregarding road safety and safe cycling. These classes are conducted in all kindergartens and primary schools in the area of Milanowek. The basic form of implementation of the content presented in the program is playing with the whole group or in small teams. Thanks to it, the intended educational goals are achieved in an attractive, friendly and understandable way for the child. Methods of work are, first of all, activating methods: games, art works, motion games, as well as a short lecture -a talk. Thegames are adapted to the age of children, their abilities and needs.