The 3rd RSG meeting of the Province of Friesland took place in Groningen in the Water Tower on 15th of  January 2020. Ten stakeholders took part in the meeting: 5 from the Province of Friesland, 2 from the University of Groningen, 1 from the Investment and Development Company for the Northern Netherlands (NOM), 1 from House of Design which is a social design lab which develops products in co-creation with Frisian crafts and landscape, and 1 representative from the Fish Migration Project.

Stakeholder from NOM opens the meeting. The guest speaker from the University of Groningen gives brief presentation. He is a researcher and lecturer at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences of the RUG, Department of Economics, Geography and Real Estate. Representative of the Fish Migration Project is also new who was invited to strengthen the stakeholders group. Another guest speaker is from the Province of Friesland from the Circular Economy Department.

Action points of the previous RSG meeting (17 July 2019) were highlighted. Delta Lady was mentioned at Beespoke project meeting; another project was mentioned about connecting European projects which is an international project about collective action and transformation of places and how the community responds to that. The idea on the joint branding was brought on board to be discussed at the 4th Interregional Learning Event in Cork in Ireland in April 2020, during the steering group meeting. 

The general explanation of the Delta Lady was given by the partner leader; the last partner meeting in Italy, Conacchio, was referred to. The development of Action Plan was stressed with actions for new sustainable projects in the area. Stakeholders can play a major role in this and contribute by participating at the Interregional Learning Events and Partner Meetings. 

to continue...