The Naturel Régional Park of Camarge organised the 1st set of RSG meetings in September 2019. Two groups of regional stakeholders, one related to pesca tourism and another to reed beds exploitation, met on 10th and 12th of September in Camargue to discuss emerging issues for the territory in the frame of the project.

First meeting of the development of pesca tourism working group was on the 10 Sep 2019 with the aim to identify the demands of the professionals of the sector in the development of the activity and diversification of their activities; Integration of the conclusions of the Mediterranean TOURISMED Interreg program which worked on this activity in France, Spain and Italy (2017-2019). Stakeholders involved are: Regional Committee of Fisheries, P.Cardona and L.Brun, fishermen. In pesca tourism the aim is to improve the knowledge on water issues, to make better tourism in balance with nature. Professional fishing in different places: at sea, lagoons, coastline, etc. Completed actions are creation of a specific working group composed of the Regional Committee of Fisheries, Tourist Offices, fishermen and shellfish farmers interested.  Discussed subjects: Regulatory constraints, specifics according to the environments and activities concerned (sea, lagoon, river, shellfish farming), terms of reference for the external assistance mission.  

First meeting of the reed beds exploitation working group was on 12 Sep 2019 with the aim to identify the needs and the requests of the professionals of the sector in order to draft a specification for the assistance with project management. Involved stakeholders are: Artisans Chamber, Syndicat Mixte de la Camargue gardoise, J.R.Prevot (reed grower). Subjects discussed during the stakeholder meeting were: creation of a farmers' union of Camargue, improvement of water management, resolution of conflicts related to reed quality and impacts as building materials, and impacts of climate change. Next meeting of working group is planned in January 2020.