Project partners met in Comacchio on 17-18 September 2019, to discuss and exchange experiences on the use of Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) schemes in the participating delta regions. Po Delta Park in cooperation with ART-ER organised and hosted the event which was combined with the study visit to the Po Delta, partner meeting and the Steering group meeting.  

Attendees included 26 participants from which 18 project partners and 8 stakeholders/external experts. 2 stakeholders were from the Province of Friesland (NL), 1 from the University of Ferrara (IT), 1 from the Assut Foundation of the Valencian Community for the Sustainability of the coastal areas of the Mediterranean (ES), 1 from the Local Authority Waters Programme (LAWPRO) which is a shared service working with Local Authorities and state agencies to develop and implement River Basin Management Plans in Ireland, (as required under the EU Water Framework Directive), 1 from the Regional Development Agency - South East Region, Romania, and external experts from Italy: from Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, and from ART-ER. 

The event was held in Manifattura dei Marinati in Comacchio, which is the Ancient Factory where the manufacturing of the fishing products of the Comacchio Valleys (as centuries ago) takes place. The first day of the meeting was dedicated to the partners' presentations on the envisioned policy instruments for ecosystem services and examples of the PES schemes in delta environments. The first day meeting was followed by the study tour to the Po Delta. The tour started with the boat from Stazione Foce to Lagoons of Comacchio Valley, Birdwatching from Stazione Foce and train ride and guided tour to Torre Rossa and Salina (saltworks) of Comacchio.

The second day continued with presentations of stakeholders and external experts: by Alessandra Borghini (Sant'Anna  School of Advanced Studies - Pisa) about evaluation of environmental costs in Romagna Acque case study: implications for PES design; Presentation by Alessandro Bosso from ART-ER about Soil4Wine Life project: PES in agricultural sector; Presentation by Riccardo Santolini (University of Urbino) about the 3rd Report on Natural Capital in Italy: new vision for planning and opportunities for PES; Presentation by Jan Willem van Kruyssen (Frisian stakeholder) about Ecosystem services and Culture; Presentation by Kees Terwischa (Frisian stakeholder) about the Fish Migration project on the sea dike; Presentation by Yoram Krozer (University of Twente) about ecosystem services and tourism; Presentation by Mattias Gaglio (University of Ferrara) about ecosystem services in river Po Delta: monetary evaluation and good practices towards the implementation of PES schemes; Presentation by Maria Passarela from water company (CADF La Fabbrica dell'Acqua) about Slow Tourism in Comacchio Saltwork; and presentation on Clam farming in Goro by Guiseppe Castaldelli on behalf of Edoardo Turolla (University of Ferrara).

The two day meeting in Comacchio was successfully concluded with reflections of partners on the event and with identifying further steps and activities for continuation of the project and preparation for the next meeting in Cork.