The Delta Lady project partners met in Valencia on 5-6 March, 2019, to exchange experiences on sustainable use of ecosystem services in their deltas for regional economy. The Council of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Services & Shipping of the Valencia Region (CCCV) hosted the Interregional Learning event which was combined with the study visit to the Albufera Delta, partner meeting and the Steering Group meeting. 25 participants attended the event: 17 project partners, 8 stakeholders and 3 external experts. 2 stakeholders were from the Province of Friesland (NL), 1 from General Directorate of European Funds (ES), 1 from General Directorate of Natural Environment and Environmental Evaluation, Ministry of Agriculture, Environment, Climate Change and Rural Development (ES), 1 from Polytechnical University of Valencia (ES), 1 General Managing Director of the Albufera Natural Park (ES), 1 from the University of Ferrara (IT)  and 1 from Southern Regional Assembly from Ireland. External experts were representing Spain.

The first day of the event (March 5) was held in the Albufera Natural Park (PNA) office, followed by the study tour to the Albufera Delta. Partners presented and discussed innovative uses of the ecosystem services of the Deltas based on the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage. The study visit to the PNA started with the "Racó de L'Olla" Interpretation Center, the Bird Observation Point, the Tancat de l'Albufera farm and the Gola del Pujol.

The second day of the event (March 6) was held in the premises of the Council of Chambers of Commerce in Valencia. The morning session started with the Steering Group meeting during which the group members addressed and discussed some administrative issues related to the project. 

After that, the rest of the partners joined the partners meeting, which was then continued by external experts' presentations: among them, presentation of the managing director of the technical office of the PNA, the professor of the UPV (Technical University of Valencia) specializing in wetlands and sustainable tourism, the manager of the DO "Arroz de Valencia", the secretary of the Association Guides Birding Comunitat Valenciana, the manager of the Marca Parcs Naturals of the GVA, and the manager of the company Arroz Tartana.

For this two-day meeting, the CCCV had support and collaboration of the head of the Regional Policies Service of the European Union, of the General Directorate of European Funds of the Generalitat Valenciana. For more information about this event, please, visit our library where you can find and read the Minutes of the 2nd partner meeting.