The Valencia Region Council of Chambers of Commerce organised the 1st Regional Stakeholder Group Meeting related to the Albufera Natural Park (ANP) on 22nd February 2019, in the premises of the Council of Chambers of Commerce in Valencia. The objective was to identify good practices on sustainable tourism as well as contribute to the development of a Regional Action Plan on the ANP.

The Expert Group of 22 authorities and experts on the ANP joined the meeting: the General Director of European Funds (Valencia Government), the General Director of Valencia Region Council of Chambers of Commerce, and others institutions and entities from the universities, business associations and civil society, such as, IVACE Innovation, Natural Environment General Directorate, Valencian Tourism Agency, Polytechnical University of Valencia, Valencia Chamber of Commerce, Association of the Restaurants from the Palmar, De La Vega Farmers, Regulatory Council of Origin “Valencian Rice”, Spanish Society of Ornithology, Valencian Cultural Federation Valencian Cultural of Latin Sail and Assut Foundation.

The stakeholders were selected from government, academia, industry and community with close relation to the PNA. The group has a wide local and regional representation from the quadruple helix approach. Before the selection, some stakeholders were approached in bilateral meetings organised in September and October 2019, to explain the project and the main objectives, in order to be a part of the RSG: meeting with the General Director, Responsible for EU Funds in the Regional Ministry of Finance, and his team in September 2018; meeting with the Responsible for the Rural Engineering and Agrofood from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Higher Technical School of Agronomic Engineering and Natural Environment; and with an Expert on Albufera natural Park (PNA) and with the General Manager of the PNA and her team in October 2018.  Other members of the RSG were contacted by email and phone calls. The RSG of the Albufera Delta is an open group, where more stakeholders can be involved during the first three years of the project. 

Most discussed topics during the meeting were about pre-selection of good practices and new proposals (enquiry) and some ideas for the Case Study and the Action Plan. 4 good practices were pre-selected in the filed of Sustainable Tourism: Tartana Rice, Association of Birding Guides, Natural Parks Brand, and Valencia Rice Denomination of Origin.

The main points and recommendations concluded by stakeholders were related to how to balance tourist use and cultural values with natural resources, need to conduct a SWOT analysis from the PNA, more networking from different operators operating in the PNA, and need for public Investment and regulations.