Delta Lady participated in the Interreg Policy Learning Platform event on the Protection and Sustainable Management of Natural Heritage in European Regions, in Romania, Bucharest on 22-23 November 2018. Delta Lady was represented by Romanian partner (the Danube Delta National Institute for Research and Development, DDNI ) and Dutch partner (Province of Friesland). 

Good practices in the Danube delta area and the best way to influence the policy makers were discussed during the interactive sessions.

The DDNI project coordinator participated in the Thematic Workshop focused on regional and local approaches for regional policy. This was a good opportunity to get in touch with other Interreg Europe projects tackling better protection and management of natural heritage assets. Experiences on good practices were shared with Interreg Europe projects such as: the STIxel territorial analysis system within BID-REX project; the transformation of Beam Parklands in London, presented by PERFECT project; Lab Vlieland in the Netherlands presented by Islands of Innovation project; and astro-tourism in Triglav National Park in Slovenia, delivered by the Night Light project.

During the workshop, DDNI also participated in the discussions of working group 3: Natural heritage of coastal and fluvial regions, together with representatives from HERICOAST, Green Pilgrimage and Islands of innovation projects.

Participation in the Thematic Workshop was beneficial in terms of learning more about the Policy Learning Platform and its potential to foster cooperation, knowledge transfer and Interregional learning.

More details can be found in the Conclusions of the Event page