Valencia Region Council of Chambers Of Commerce (CCCV) organized the 6th RSG meeting on 31st of May 2021 Online. The meeting was focused on the presentation of the draft Action Plan to the stakeholders and the finalization of the Regional Action Plan. 

The group of experts was invited with the aim to summarise the results of phase 1 and to discuss the Case Study and the Action Plan with 2 actions proposed to include in the Action Plan and to discuss the strategy for the implementation of those actions in phase 2. NIne stakeholders attended the meeting with representatives from the government, academia, industry and community: Government (GVA_Regional Government) - 1. IVACE, General Director for External Affairs and IVACE innovation (GVA), responsible for EU projects; 2. L’Alfufera Natural Park, the President of the Governing Board of the PNA and Professor of the University of Valencia (UV) and Researcher of the Valencia Centre for Irrigation Studies (CVER); 3. Valencia Town Hall: VisitValencia, Foundation of Tourism of the Valencia Town Hall; Academia: 1. Professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), Department of Cartographic Engineering, Geodesy and Photogrammetry, Higher Technical School of Architecture, UPV; 2. Professor at the UPV, Director of the Rural and Agrifood Engineering Department, Higher Technical School of Agronomic and Natural Environment Engineering, UPV; Industry: 1. Technological Energy Centre of Valencia Region (ITE); 2. Expert on Tourism of the Valencia Chamber of Commerce; 3. The CCCV representing the 5 local Chambers of Commerce of the Valencia Region; Community: 1. Fundació Assut. 

The CCCV presented a summary of the results of the project in Phase 1 and explained the importance to establish the roadmap for the Action plan implementation in phase 2. The Foundation Assut summarized the conclusion of the Case Study that will help CCCV to lay the groundwork, also update with the special circumstances of COVID19, how will be the impact of that in the ANP Tourism Visits and Tourism Demand. The participants agree to cooperate in the implementation of the Action Plan. The importance of the results of the Case Study and the actions of the Action Plan was stressed.