The 4th RSG meeting took place, online on the 25th of February 2021, moderated by the Danube Delta National Institute for Research and Development. The meeting focused on the Action Plan supporting regional development policy in the Danube Delta, was attended by 8 participants, from DDNI, ANTREC Tulcea, Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority, and ITI Danube Delta. The work program started with a welcoming word by Dr. Jenica Hanganu, that proceeded next to present the summary of project progress during the past project period. An overview of the Partners Meetings and learning interaction focused on Business Models in the Deltas was presented, followed by presentations of the Case Study (by Dr Jenica Hanganu) – focused on the management of reed resources in the Danube Delta and the Action Plan draft proposing action to support the Regional Operational Programme ( by Madalina Sbarcea). The presentations were followed by a discussion with stakeholders and DDNI colleaguesThe main point raised by participants was that the actions proposed in the plan seem useful for future ROP applicants and quality of future projects to be funded through ROP, but, its implementation success is dependant on the Management Authority’s possibilities to integrate these proposals in the Programme’s documents. After the discussions, the working session was formally closed, with the suggestion of sending the Action Plan draft to the Management Authority and the Intermediate Body for ROP for further feedback. The next meeting is planned for either May or June 2021.