On Monday, 15th February 2021 the RSG meeting of the Valencian Region Council of Chambers was held online due to the Covid-19 crisis. A group of experts was invited with the aim to evaluate and analyze the Action Plan. There were representatives of 10 authorities and experts: Government, Regional Government (GVA); IVACE, General Director for External Affairs and IVACE innovation (GVA), responsible for EU projects; Albufera Natural Park, General Manager of the PNA; Valencia Town Hall: Technical Office of Devesa-Albufera; Foundation Turisme Valencia, Valencia Town Hall. From Academia: Professor of the Polytechnical University of Valencia (UPV). Industry: Technological Energy Centre of Valencia Region (ITE); Expert on Tourism of the Valencia Chamber of Commerce; The CCCV representing the 5 local Chambers of Commerce of the Valencia Region. From Community: Fundació Assut and LocalEurope.

The main topic of the discussion was related to the draft Action Plan for the Albufera Natural Park, evaluation of the two actions proposed, details of the actions envisaged and contents, comments, and suggestions. Also, discussion on the recommendations for policy improvements and synergies with other projects in progress at the regional level.