The 5th RSG meeting of the Province of Friesland took place Online on the 6th of January, 2020. The topic of discussion was related to the development of the tool "nature investment and value for money".  8 participants attended the meeting. The mission-based approach which entails a new method of working, adopted from another Interreg project (Islands of Innovation), was translated into Blue Delta and the Blue Delta mission was subsequently divided into 3 sub-missions: inspired by water, circularity, and exploring rural societies. In order to achieve/fulfill these sub-missions, a dance floor is needed where a portfolio of projects must be developed. To boost the dance floor, a kind of 'blue delta engine' has been developed, so that the sub-missions are filled with projects that in turn contribute to the main mission. The 'blue delta engine' is expressed by means of a metaphor of a steering wheel that determines the direction based on the challenges faced, adjusting the role of the organization in the economic process, and evaluation and monitoring carried out.  The term "Delta babies" is a spin-off of the Delta Lady project, in which people will be trained to work mission-based. For the evaluation and monitoring component, it is the intention that projects are assessed in a different way. For that, a tool is being developed that can be easily applied and that is inextricably linked to mission-based work and is (1) focused on project development and taking into account the SDGs; the tool does not require to go through all 17 goals and 170 subgoals; (2) aimed at project evaluators. With current subsidies, the criterion of broad prosperity must be met; however, the criteria for this are not yet clear and the assessors do not know how to shape them. The tool provides an overview of the aspects that project evaluators should consider. The stakeholders are enthusiastic about the tool.