On the 5th November 2020, the Valencia Region Council of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Services and Shipping (CCCV) has organized the online University Workshop, an academic virtual meeting with experts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the University de Valencia, to share the activities carried out during the project and the results of the project up to date, to discuss and analyze the draft of the Action Plan, and the improvement of ecosystem services as an instrument of governance of protected areas such as the case of the Natural Park of L'Albufera.

The main aim of the meeting were:

1. to present and disseminate project results: (a) Interregional Exchange in different Deltas, (b) Good Practices identified and (c) Proposed actions of partner delta regions. 

2. to discuss, review and add new ideas to the “Illustration of the ideas in the participating deltas" compiled by Yoram Krozer, - opportunities mentioned in Delta Lady, from single issue to meta coverage - presented in the 5th Interregional Learning Event and Partner Meeting.

3. to discuss the draft of the Action plan of the l’Albufera Natural Park: (a) Action 1: Implementation plan for the promotion of the use of electric boats in the l’Albufera Natural Park: ‘’El Palmar’’ pilot project; (b) Action 2: Navigation of touristic activities: reinvest taxes in the preservation of the l’Albufera Natural Park (PES scheme).

The CCCV emphasized the significance and importance of the academic experts for the future Action Plan of the Delta Lady project. The CCCV highlighted this good collaboration and support for a better development to meet the project objectives.