The Chamber of Commerce of Badajoz has organized a training programme about photovoltaic installations for boosting agriculture and construction sectors competitive. AGENEX has participated in this programme with a session of self-consumption for reducing energy costs, especially interesting for entrepreneurs of the primary sector.

The talk, given by AGENEX expert Juan Manuel Cosme, took place last month in Herrera del Duque (Badajoz) and it focused on basic concepts and the processing of the installations. The attendees were especially interested in how self-consumption can decrease the production costs on a farm because most of them are thinking about investing in this kind of installations to reduce energy costs.

Agriculture and livestock farming are the most important sectors in this area, where the existing industry is directly linked to this activity. Also, it is one of the most resilient sectors in COVID-19 times because producers have increased their productions to guarantee the national food supply during the pandemic. Nevertheless, agriculture and transport concentrate most of the pollutant emissions in Extremadura. So the region needs to greener these sectors for achieving the carbon-neutral objectives by 2030. 

AGRORES and DeCarb, Interreg EU projects led by AGENEX, were presented in this session to show two of the most important cooperation initiatives AGENEX is undertaken. AGRORES is promoting the investments in Renewable Energies for Agriculture and DeCarb is supporting the clean energy transition of coal-intensive EU regions.