On March 10, 2020, it was organized a conference called "Energy efficient heating as a measure for clean air" in Bulgaria.

Domestic heating with solid fuels is the main source of pollution in Bulgaria with fine dust particles (PM), benzopyrene and other polyaromatic cyclic hydrocarbons. The use of coal, along with PM, releases significant amounts of sulfur oxides. Thus, heating becomes a major problem for Bulgarian citizens' health.

This is not a specific problem in the country, it exists in other European territories. That is why for the second year in a row it is organized this conference. Among the keynotes who have participated, several guests from other EU countries.

The focus of the event was the exchange of experience and good practices related to municipal, regional or state programs and policies, dealing with the replacement of inefficient types of domestic heating using solid fuel as measures to reduce pollutant emissions and meet air quality standards. 

Due to the great interest in the topic, organizers have published the presentations and videos in English of the event. You can watch them here