On December 4, 2019, South-West Oltenia Regional Development Agency (SWORDA) organized an Infoday - information event on decarbonisation and the fair transition to a low carbon economy. The event took place at the University of Craiova and was open to the public.

The two sessions of the event were moderated by Mrs. Laura Buzatu, expert in the DeCarb project.

In the first session was presented DeCarb project - "Supporting the transition in the green energy field of the regions of the EU that exploit coal", with emphasis on objectives and the innovative character along with the stage of project implementation.

In the second session - Opportunities for the future, the focus was on the sources of financing and success stories.

During this session, was also presented the European Commission initiative, Platform for Coal Regions in transition, which aims to support the identification of economic alternatives in the coal-dependent regions. The purpose of this presentation was to understand the opportunities created by the Platform.

The event ended with a session of questions and answers.

 The Feedback from the participants was positive. Here are some impressions gathered from the participants.

"It was very interesting. My grandparents lived in a mining area. It is the first time I have participated in such an event and I received a lot of information that I did not own and I understood that the mining areas are not forgotten and that there is interest for the people in these areas to continue their life to a normal standard after mines closing too . ”- Daniel Pletea, Mehedinti.

“Removal from traditional sectors such as coal, brings with its multiple challenges and may exacerbate social and regional disparities, but a balanced and socially acceptable transition can find its basis in lessons learned from those who have succeeded. It is useful for people, each and every one, to know these aspects and to know that each one can make a contribution in some way. Today's students are the potential investors and innovators of tomorrow! ”-Iuliana Mihart

 "I am pleased to see a continuous concern from Europe for our region, and with the help of European funds can support the development of innovative technologies in the field of decarbonization and post mining, as same"- Florin Stanciu

The event provided an opportunity for the DeCarb project to be known to the general public.

Also, at the event was disseminated the newsletter of the project, to a number of 64 people.