The Danish Growth Team for Green Energy and Environment Technology has recommended the establishment of two national test centers, where enterprises and utility companies can test new and innovative green solutions in a large-scale setting.

As a result, a broad coalition of important city stakeholders, such as Aalborg Municipality, Aalborg Utility Company, Habour of Aalborg and Aalborg University, presented why Aalborg should be one of the two test centers.

“Aalborg Municipality already works with green solutions, and for many years a focus on sustainability has been part of the DNA of Aalborg. That alone gives us a solid platform to build this test center on. In addition Aalborg University and the municipality’s businesses are ready to begin a close collaboration with Aalborg Municipality and Aalborg Utility Company in creating tomorrow’s green energy and water solutions”, says Thomas Kastrup-Larsen, Mayor of Aalborg.

“The area around Nordjyllandsværket Power Plant is an obvious location for such a test center, because we already have the necessary infrastructure in place. In addition, the conversion plan for the Nordjyllandsværket Power Plant already involves the implementation of a combination of various renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, excess heat, geothermal solutions, and large heat pumps”, says Lasse P.N. Olsen, Board Director for Aalborg Utility Company’s Energy Division and Municipal Director for Energy and Environment.