Ágora 2019 is a multiforum event launched from the Engineering School of the University of Extremadura that boosts a new space for networking and collaborative work in different fields of knowledge.

A space for international meeting and connection that integrates three educational/training ambits: those previous to the University, the University, and the socio-professional environment of the graduates. The Agora is, therefore, an event where these three dimensions, from which a logical coordination is expected, can be integrated. 


Hence, the Agora represents a new concept as it is shown in the section “Know more…”: an open meeting space, a connection space “from the cave to the grave” to foster and facilitate the skill-based performance in a worldwide context, with need of learning based in competences. This will be achieved by conceiving the Agora as the summation of two basic spaces: ForAgora (forus+multimeeting) and CongressAgora (Conference), that will allow, based on the Learning Along Life (LAL) approach, to improve the employability of people and their social wellbeing.

But Agora is not only a Conference, or a Multimeeting event, or an entrepreneur forums,… it is more than all that; because of its different structure and configuration, the disadvantages of this type of events are mitigated in Agora, and the advantages are enhanced, embracing three dimensions: education, research and employment.


DeCarb project is going to participate in a round table where the importance of training is debated, in relation to the boost of the renewable energy sector and the transition to a low-carbon economy. This conference will be next 12th of September at 16:00 hours (local time) at the Headquarters of COEBA. A group of keynotes, including Mr. Cosme Segador, Director of AGENEX, are going to discuss the requirements in relation to training and employability possibilities that can be provided by the new framework of renewables.