13th and 14th of March, the DeCARB team has met in Badajoz to analyse the situation of the regions which participate in the Project. Experts from Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Slovenia and Spain, have exchanged knowledge and experiences in order to transfer how they are transitioning from the carbon-intensive era towards the clean energy future. 

DeCARB is a project which lasts until June 2023, aimed at reducing the overall greenhouse gas emissions of the Union caused by coal-intensive energy systems. The main objective is to move to Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and to that end, local, regional and national organisations of 9 European countries exchange experiences and transfer knowledge in order to support regions to secure sustainable development, economic and societal stability, and a role in the 2030 energy mix.

The meeting where the partnership has participated, it has been developed in Badajoz, Spain. During the first session, the Director of AGENEX, Cosme Segador has highlighted the main role of the Agency: “Extremadura is a key actor in the national production of energy, so AGENEX is a strategic partner for the development of the projects which are leading the change to a green and clean system”, he said. 

In addition, in the first session the participants also did a workshop for tackling issues like the impact of fossil fuels in the climate change and the global warming, the tools used for assessing the feasibility of RES projects or the energy challenges for the short, medium and long-term in the DeCARB regions; among others.

At the first session was presented FIRESPOL as well, a project managed by AGENEX that shows Bests Practices for the funding of RES investments. With several successful cases, it was proved that the innovative financing models are allowing the progress and the implementation of several RES projects in Spain.

In the second session of the meeting, the partners have visited a Solar Thermo-Electric Plant in La Florida, Badajoz; where thanks to the thermal exploitation of solar energy, the plant is generating storable electricity, in a secure and clean way.

Also, the participants have attended to different consortium meetings in order to evaluate the progress of the project and for scheduling the following stages of it.

DeCARB is a project approved in the 3rd call of the Interreg Europe Programme, funding by the European Regional Development Fund.