The Ministry for Ecological Transition, the Industry Union and UGT FICA have reached a preliminary agreement to achieve a fair transition from the coal mining and a sustainable development of the mining regions for the period 2019-2027.

The first negotiated agreement covers a temporary scope, the exceptional measures for companies will cover until 2025 and the reactivation measures will be extended until 2027.

In addition, a Social Plan has been defined for workers over 48, applying the corresponding reduction coefficient or 25 years of contribution to the Special Scheme of Coal Mining. Those workers affected by the closure of companies and who are not entitled to early retirement may opt for the relocation in remaining companies after December 31, 2018

These measures seek an economic reactivation and an alternative development of the mining regions so they can achieve structural transformation, economic recovery and social welfare. They entail economic support to finance new business facilities and expand existing ones, as well as to implement a Plan of Urgent Action for the Mining Regions.

This Plan will include actions to restore exploitations, develop renewable energies, and elaborate fair transition contracts for those districts affected by the closure of mines with the aim of creating and maintaining employment in the medium and long term.