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New EU targets on renewables and energy efficiency.


EU Parliament approves 2030 targets and will allow Europeans to consume, store...

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Switzerland has opened its first carpool lane.


It’s the first international carpool lane in Europe, along the Thonex-Vallard...

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Conference: Coal Regions in Transition Platform


DECARB will participate in the launching of a Platform to support Coal Regions...

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Agreement reached to dismantle coal.


In Spain, this agreement includes early retirements at 48 and economic...

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EIT Climate-KIC is hosting matchmaking events


Investor Marketplace has been launched with its first matchmaking event between...

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The World’s First Free Public Transport Nation


The importance of sustainable mobility and the importance of implementing...

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Can we estimate the benefits of the trees in a city?


The Agricultural Faculty of Trakia University Stara Zagora is interested in the...

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DeCARB's Kick-off Meeting was held in Stara Zagora


DeCARB has started running after a successful kick-off meeting hosted by its...

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