Project good practices

Innovative energy conservation technology at coal-fired power...

Summary: The development of an efficient slag collection method resulting from lignite combustion and the preparation and recovery of an alternative fuel

Location: Sud-Vest Oltenia, Romania (România)

Bełchatów - Recultivation of open cast mining

Summary: The reclamation of the Bełchatów opencast mine is the largest and the most spectacular reclamation project in the history of Poland.

Location: Łódzkie, Poland (Polska)

Competence Centre on climate change mitigation in...

Summary: The (KEI) provides advice and supports energy-intensive industries and the scientific community in the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Location: Brandenburg, Germany (Deutschland)

Institute for low-CO2 industrial processes

Summary: The institute is dedicated to energy research and makes key contributions to the decarbonized energy system of the future.

Location: Brandenburg, Germany (Deutschland)

Frauenhofer Institute for Geothermal Energy and Energy...

Summary: The research institute deals with the development of new cross-sector technologies for coupled infrastructures

Location: Brandenburg, Germany (Deutschland)

The Moves program will help Extremadura boost efficient and...

Summary: The Moves program launched by the Regional Government of Extremadura aims to achieve ambitious targets of sustainable mobility in the region.

Location: Extremadura, Spain (España)

Regional strategy towards a green and circular economy for...

Summary: Key stakeholders share a common will to achieve a greener region by 2030: this is how the strategy towards a green and circular economy in Extremadura was born.

Location: Extremadura, Spain (España)

Energy-saving system in the kindergarten in Rogów

Summary: Passive Kindergarten represents the latest generation of energy-saving buildings.

Location: Łódzkie, Poland (Polska)

Geothermal energy as a key factor of development of the City of...

Summary: Uniejów is a good example of optimal use of the opportunity for sustainable economic and social development in the spirit of respect for nature.

Location: Łódzkie, Poland (Polska)

National Law to promote electric self-consumption.

Summary: In 2018, a Spanish Law succeeded in overcoming the paralysis of the renewable self-consumption sector through which self-consumed energy was taxed.

Location: Comunidad de Madrid, Spain (España)

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