Project good practices

Ecological heating appliances for families in Stara Zagora to...

Summary: 5 Bulgarian municipalities with a project for gradual transition of households from wood and coal heating to alternative environmental heating-boiler, pellet st

Location: Югоизточен, Bulgaria (България)

Investment in energy efficiency measures in Trakiya University,...

Summary: Investments in energy efficiency measures by reconstruction of Trakiya University building- a step in the direction of environment friendly future and education

Location: Югоизточен, Bulgaria (България)

Production of smokeless stoves by Bulgarian startup

Summary: Little-known technology with modern materials for production of domestic wood burning stoves with 2-3 times lower consumption and 50-100 times lower emissions

Location: Южен централен, Bulgaria (България)

Promoting hydrogen based transportation among the public

Summary: A unique day of hydrogen fuel and hydrogen transportation technology was organized in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Location: Югоизточен, Bulgaria (България)

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