"Susisiekimo paslaugos-Connection services", our project partner from Lithuania, will host the other partners in Vilnius, to widely discuss about intersection design and bicycle network planning.

The training and study tour will last three days (from the 22nd to the 25th of May) and it will be structured as follows:

  • The first day-s themes will be “intersection design” and “network planning". We dive deep into design details of protected intersections and we will discover more about new generation intersection designs like e.g., bicycle roundabouts, turbo roundabouts, and roundabout-intersection hybrids. The most important aspects of network planning will be covered and a strategy for effective prioritization of the partners cycle network programme will be provided as well.
  • The second day will be dedicated to a pedestrian and a bicycle study tour with the aim of experiencing pedestrian and cycling challenges of Vilnius residents’ everyday commuting to work/school/kindergarten, etc., and to suggest possible improvements for the near future.
  • A pedestrian tour will take place also during the last day, with the aim to pay particular attention to the commuting challenges of people with special needs.