The center of the next CYCLEWALK study visit will be the experience of the EGTC GO, which is the first cross-border Integrated Territorial Investment experience in Europe.

The study visit will be held in Gorizia, Nova Gorica and Šempeter-Vrtojba next March; the main theme is “Governance in cross-border mobility” and the partners, along with their stakeholders, will visit the places where some infrastructure projects will be realized within the next three years. 

The aim of this visit is to learn how the joint programming of local development works and better understand terms and procedures of realization of the projects.  

These projects comprise the construction of bridges, cycling paths and a campervan site that will increase the value of the cross-border area that includes the river Soča/Isonzo and the well-known Transalpina square, which is divided between the towns of Gorizia (northeastern Italy) and Nova Gorica (southwestern Slovenia).