Thank you!

Thank you for joining us for the workshop on 'The transforming power of cultural and creative industries' in Riga! We hope that you were inspired by the good practices, study visit and presentations. 

You are able to revisit the presentations, highlights and photos of the workshop on the conclusions page.

About cultural and creative industries (CCIs)

Beyond their undoubted impact on social, democratic and cultural wealth, Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) are increasingly being acknowledged as industrial and economic assets. According to the former European Creative Industries Alliance, the CCIs represented in 2014 (latest figures known) around 3% of EU GDP and 6.7 million jobs with above average growth rates.

Unlocking their potential and increasing their collaboration with other sectors of the economy has become a factor of competitiveness for the European economy.

Join us for the discussion in Riga on how these assets could be used to the benefit of your region!

Latvia is a country with a significant policy commitment to creative industries, which is also reflected in the fact that the country is represented in several relevant projects : 

What you can expect... 

  • A study visit at the Creative industries incubator!
  • Improved knowledge of which good practices and project partners are relevant to their work
  • Increased awareness of CCIs and relevant policies and support measures
  • Increased awareness of the on-demand services that can be provided by the Policy Learning Platform such as a peer review and the online policy helpdesk 
  • Benefit of possible follow-up activities between the participating projects
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