A seminar "The transforming power of culture and creative industries" on  Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform took place in Riga, June 4 at the Academy of Arts of Latvia.

Vidzeme Tourism Association took part at the seminar and discussions. The seminar gathered experts on EU policy development and finances from all over Europe. The importance of people to people and cross – border collaboration was stressed, Interreg funding being a powerful collaboration facilitating tool.

The Policy Learning Platform(https://www.interregeurope.eu/policylearning/) focuses on improving policies , all in all 415 policy instruments will be addressed by the platform. The portal will also give access to experts. The platform is the capitalization of Interreg – funded projects’ achievements.

The speakers of the seminar stressed that the future Interreg funding will focus on results and based on local needs. The new programming process will start in October this year, the financial frame will commence at the end of the year, and late next year there will be news about the size of the budget.