Pécs is a creative and liveable city. A significant center of creative industry, its impact goes beyond the borders of the country and has international visibility. As the motto of the European Capital of Culture 2010 was “The borderless city”, “Southern Cultural Zone” and “The Gateway to the Balkans”. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya, the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts University of Pécs, the Cultural Creative Industry Cluster and creative industry businesses have been cooperating, strengthening and helping each other for years. Traditionally the 'DesignPécs' event was initiated and organized jointly by them in autumn every year since 2014.

'DesignPécs' (1-7. October 2018.) – which is the official part of the Budapest Design Week event in 2018 again – programs aim to familiarize the public with the region's outstanding creative industry sector and the University of Pécs art and design workshop to introduce the local design resources and the multitude of opportunities.

In the past few years venues maintained by the city, university researchers and academics, students and more than 50 companies have come together to present the Design of the South: fashion, glove industry, organ production, applied arts, jewellery, architecture and furnishing, 3D technologies and their possibilities, vehicle manufacturing and design, craft products, audiovisual technologies - film and video.

During 'DesignPécs' Week technological, architectural, fine art design exhibitions, fashion shows, open design labs, seminars, trainings, workshops, design fairs, forums, roundtable discussions and concerts waiting for those interested.

"5 years – 5 days design” is 2018’s motto.

The initiative aims to provide an opportunity for local creators, designers, creative industry professionals, and all people and businesses related to arts to showcase their activities. The event builds a bridge between the local CCIs, the entrepreneurs, the citizens and boost tourism as well.

Participation means great and free visibility. In addition, participants can meet potential customers, promote their brand, and get acquainted with other creative professionals. Enterprise Europe Network brokerage event (b2b meetings) organized during DesignPécs brings participants closer to international relationships and with colourful programs they can join to a really vital/bustling festival.

Our common goal is to revitalize and help to blossom our region. One of the main objectives of the event is to help businesses and the creative industry and also enter Pécs to Europe's design map.

The Open4Business Brokerage Event and Conference was held during the event series that gives an excellent opportunity for DesignPécs participants to networking and establishing national and international partnerships with neighbouring countries’ entrepreneurs. Beside the b2b meetings the program also includes plenary sessions, forums, individual consultations, company visits and networking events.

During the Open4Busines Creative Industry Sector Group Meeting of Enterprise Europe Network was organized in Pécs. The 29 participants arrived from 17 countries and had study tours in Pécs, to explore the hidden treasures of the city. They visited the Pécs Organ Manufactory and FilmingInPécs filmstudio by Dotto (small train for tourists). It was a great experience.


DesignPécs 2018


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