On the 28 November 2018, in the headquarters of Ecomuseum of Barroso, within the project CRINMA, it was held another meeting of the stakeholders group, gathering several representatives of Portuguese and Spanish organizations. On the meeting, introduced by the President of the Municipality of Montalegre (partner of the project CRINMA), there were presented some of the good practices already visited and analysed by the partnership, namely from Polish, Italian, Slovak and Italian partners, commenting them in comparison with the Portuguese-Spanish cross-border context.
Within the stakeholders present, it must be highlighted the participation of CCDRN, that is the Portuguese Representative of the Managing Authority of the Policy Instrument POCTEP, addressed by the partners Municipality of Montalegre (PT) and INORDE (ES).
There were discussed several issues related with cultural and natural heritage and their dynamic conservation and how POCTEP could in the future have a more active contribution to the concerns exposed by the stakeholders.