Second CRinMA Transnational Training was  organized in Montalegre (Portugal) on 23 January 2019.
The training addressed one of CRinMA sub-objectives:  Improvement in the protection and sustainable use of the cultural heritage in the mountain areas. The main focus was on ecomuseums and their role in protection and sustainable use of cultural heritage.
Workshop gathered around 40 participants,  including the project partners and their invited stakeholders as well as the representative of the Portuguese National Focal Point for POCTEP Programme, which is the policy instrument addressed by two project partners: Municipality of Montalegre (PT) and INORDE (ES).
Some interesting examples of ecomuseums were presented, which was followed by a practical workshop focused on creative tourism initiatives.
The workshop was enriched by the participation of the external speakers and animators. Numerous organizations participating in the training, namely Ecomuseu de Barroso Association, ADRAT, University of Coimbra, University Portucalense and the external expert contracted for the Action Plan to be presented by the Portuguese and Spanish partners, had a great opportunities to exchange their experiences with colleagues from other mountain regions, from Italy, Poland and Slovakia.