CRinMA stakeholders from the Malopolska Region met on 22 May 2018 in Sromowce Region to discuss the cultural heritage of the Pieniny Mountains. 43 participants gather together to discuss the most important challenges of the area, like preservation of the traditional skills (regional speech, costume making, regional cooking, weaving and embroidering) and preparation of tourist offer in accordance with tradition (e.g. traditional rafting on Dunajec River). This part of the workshop proved, how important the intangible heritage is, for building local identity in the mountain areas.Second part of the workshop was dedicated to the tangible heritage of the area. Two castles - Czorsztyn and Nidzica - are dominant points of the cultural landscape. How should they build they cultural offer - together or apart? How should they be protected - with the same or different, targeted actions? How to promote the Czorsztyn Castle, which is less known, and should we really do it? Those questions were raised and discussed by participants. Short study visit to the Czorsztyn Castle closed the workshop.