The dissemination session was opened by the Vicerrector of Campus de Ourense Universidade de Vigo (Virxilio Rodríguez),  the Vice- Presidente da Camara Municipal de Montalegre (David Teixeira) and the President of Inorde Rosendo Fernandez,
 It was attended by 61 participants from different entities, representatives of Councils,  Local Action Group, organizations related to the cultural heritage.

The representative of Montalegre explained what the role of the Municipality in the project is, and showed them an example of good practice, ECOMUSEUM.
The project coordinator presented the main objectives of the project as well as the activities panned.  He also explained why the POCTEP programme was chosen as a policy instrument to be  addressed by the CRinMA Project.
The manager of Inorde, José Manuel Rodríguez, presented the  progress in cross-border cooperation between both territories and what are the next steps.
He showed some good practices in the area: recovery old rail station,  development and valuing endogenous products;  preserving the farming identity of involved territories, as a part of the cultural heritage.
Finally some participants was involved in a debate forum about development of the  mountain areas.