Now a day humanity is facing a huge challenge. The COVID-19 crisis has an impact in all dimensions of our lives: public health, labour systems, social interaction, political debate, the use of public spaces, the economy, the environment and cultural life.

To harness the potential, that culture brings inspiration into people’s lives, the Culture 2030 Goal movement, in the context of its engagement in the United Nations 2030 Agenda, calls on UN agencies, governments and all other stakeholders to act.

Cities and local governments, with their workers, actors and institutions, are making enormous efforts to maintain activities and to alleviate the sense of isolation of people by creating new opportunities for access to heritage and knowledge and participation in online cultural events and by providing new training programmes to support the presence of cultural institutions on the Internet and social media.

The challenges that the 2030 Agenda seeks to address are, now more than ever, important to be taken forward: the need to recognise, incorporate, and support cultural concerns in the response to the crisis and planning for the recovery. More information are available here.