The Department of Culture and Sports of the Government of Navarre approved an Action Plan with four actions that began to be developed in 2018. It was designed as a regional strategic document for the future policies in favor of culture and creativity.
The first action towards the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) called “Monitoring system of the development of the CCI Sector in Navarre” consisted in gathering and analyzing the current data about the CCI in the autonomous region. Indeed, a classification of the CCI sectors has been established by dividing them in stage arts, visual arts, cinema and television, edition (books, music and others), music and design and other cultural and creative industries.

The second action included the development of a specific section in the Government´s website (accessible all year round) that contains information related to CCI, creativity and innovation for cultural professionals and cultural and creative enterprises.

The third action reviews the existing supporting instruments in the CCI field. Thanks to CRE:HUB Project it has been possible to identify a lack of support for cultural professionals and creative enterprises. Specifically, the shortage of tools related to their needs and a necessity to generate new opportunities for innovative cultural processes of joint work. In order to create a vibrant creative atmosphere in Navarre, different grants have been implemented. In 2018, “Geroko” was created as a new open competitive call. Its purpose was to support the development of original initiatives aimed at stimulating artistic creation and contemporary thinking, including their free expression and diversity, and their promotion and deliver to citizens and local, national and international projection. As a result, 13 creation projects from a variety of disciplines (dance, art and theatre and hybrid projects) were supported.


After the analysis of this initiative, in 2019 the Department developed “948 VIVEROS” a support program to the network of factories of artistic creation and creative incubators with a work philosophy close to the one followed in Geroko’s. Six projects profited from this grant. This support continues in 2020. A second activity related to the third action is the modification of tax incentive for audiovisual investments which is publish in the Official Bulletin of Navarre.

The last measure designed in the Action Plan, called “Capacity Building for professionals and cultural and creative enterprises”, was reached by the creation, in 2018, of “Cultura Navarra Think Tank”. This initiative, integrated by a set of regular learning sessions, works on topics related to the promotion and distribution of projects and products in the cultural and creative fields. These seminars started on April 2018 and took place on April, May, June, September and November. These activities had a duration of four hours and were attended by 90 people in total. In 2019 the topic was related to cultural mediation and in 2020 it is mainly focused on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the rural word.

Moreover, the task force involved in the Action Plan worked in 2018 with members from the working team at “948 Merkatua”, a benchmark fair for creative and cultural sectors in Navarre and the surrounding areas. This action was focused on the creation of a database that included information about cultural and creative industries with all the registered people.


The participation on CRE:HUB Project has broaden the vision of the CCI in the cultural policies of Navarre and in its planning and management tools.