After the formal approval on 21st December 2018 of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Government of the action plan for CCI regional policies, as a regional strategic document for the future policies in favor of culture and creativity, the Department for culture and sports started building and developing the specific actions.

The Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region implemented the Regional Action Plan which was divided in three specific lines of activities to be implemented.

The first one, called “Coordination activities”, aimed at creating synergies among EU funding and regional support to CCIs. Thanks to CRE:HUB project, integrated policies for CCIs have been adopted, involving both public and private actors. Indeed, several meetings with the Department of Work, Training, Education and Family on the possible synergies between the ROPs and between the ROPs and regional funds was held.

The second action foreseen the creation of the Regional Cluster for Culture and creativity, an important moment for the FVG AR cultural and creative system.

Moreover, fundamental role has been played by the regional stakeholder group that has been involved in several activities.

Thanks to the process of the living labs the stakeholders decided the Cluster’s services portfolio, identified during the project, that for this reason strongly met the needs of the sector. On 4th July 2019, the Call for applications at becoming the CMO (Cluster Management Organization) of the Regional Culture and Creativity Cluster was approved and the deadline for applications has been set for 30th of September 2019.

The third action included the creation of financial instruments to support CCIs access to credit. This Action foreseen the organization of meetings with main actors of the financial sector, in order to verify the already existing financial tools at regional and national level. As well meetings with a regional Bank were held in order to find ways to improve CCIs credit access, as there are some difficult in accessing credit to ICCs due to the lack of know how in evaluating applications (intangible assets; etc).

There is still work to do in order to consolidate the results achieved since today and the implementation of the actions, but some important steps have been taken.

By the implementation of these important measures that thanks to the CRE:HUB project has been possible to elaborate, the FVG Autonomous Region will strengthen the positions and the approach to markets of several dynamic CC enterprises active on its territory.