The Regional Department for culture, sports and solidarity is responsible for the protection and enhancement of the Regional cultural heritage as well as the promotion of cultural activities. Its strategic policies range from supporting the development of the regional films and audio visual media sectors to boosting the growth of creative and cultural industries. With specific regard to the latter, the Department for culture, sports and solidarity is responsible, within the ERDF Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020, for a specific action that aims to foster the establishment of start-up companies in the creative and cultural sectors, as well as supporting existing ones, by setting-up a dedicated business incubator. The Department is also responsible for launching, awarding and monitoring subsidies and grants for: cultural activities, film festivals, supporting audiovisual libraries and institutions/bodies that promote the cinematographic culture. As far as the conservation and enhancement of cultural assets is concerned, the Department is responsible for the development and the implementation of relevant policies in close cooperation with its specialised institutions such as the Regional Body for Cultural Heritage (ERPaC) and the Aquileia Foundation.

The Department works in team with Informest , a public agency for territorial development and international economic cooperation created to help local economy to exploit the new opportunities of the soon-to-be-enlarged Europe. Thanks also to the networking established at regional, national and European level, acquired a good experience on implementation and management European projects.


Through the collection, comparison and exchange of information and experience among partner countries, the department aim to develop and refine instruments and policies in order to support the creation of new SMEs in the cultural and creative field in the region and to implement an action plan for the adoption of new policies in support of this strategic sector.

CRE:HUB Friuli Venezia Giulia Region TEAM:  

Elena Mengotti, Project manager as responsible for the legal, EU and financial affairs of the FVG partner will supervise the sound administrative and financial management of the project

Anna Carobolante, Project officer will support the team throughout administrative, financial and communication activities related to the project 

Francesca Silvera, Project expert, has a huge experience in project management and in drafting project proposal in cross-border and transnational cooperation programmes and will support the team in reaching project objectives and in checking the quality of project deliverables. 

Corrado Campobasso, analyst, will contribute actively to context and SWOT analysis of the cultural and creative industries sector and in the draw up an operational roadmap. 

Cinzia Bertino, Communication manager for CRE:HUB project will support the partners in organization of study visit and bar camp, in promoting events, in management of communication tools and media relations 

Marina Cigui, Financial manager for the project will support the team in administrative and reporting activities.