WHO WE ARE: The Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency (CTRIA) operates on regional level as part of a national network. It works as an independent legal entity since 2008. During the past 9 years CTRIA greatly contributed to turning Central Transdanubia into a region of outstanding innovation activities.  

Core focus of our agency is to establish and maintain a network of services via the establishment and operation of a strong cooperation network with other service providers, universities and the business sector, as well as the general community through national and international partnerships. This strong regional, national, and international partnership and the portfolio of expertise enable the CTRIA to target different levels of the regional community and business sector. The services are primarily targeted at supporting small-and medium-size businesses, regional bridge-building and R&D organizations.  

CTRIA manages several projects concerning innovation practices, innovation management, knowledge transfer, service development, and innovation trainings, which involve national and international knowledge and innovation agents. The agency mentored more than 200 SMEs, participated in 15 successful international projects and has more than 100 partners in the EU and beyond.  

The CCI employs 4,4% of the employees in Hungary and produce 3.7% from the GDP. Its productivity is growing five times and its export is growing two times faster than the whole national economy. The sector has high added value, dynamic growth, strong traditions and institutions, supportive environment. The RIS3 of Central Transdanubia has strong focus on creative industry, especially creative and innovative products and networks. Concerning the CCIs different threats exist in the region as well as in the country: difficulties in accessing international markets, low domestic design demand, access to capital, poor cooperation. 

WHAT WE EXPECT FROM THE PROJECT:   Participation in the CRE:HUB project CTRIA can contribute to the development of the CCI sector in the region and the deepening of the co-operation within the CCI sector. 

CRE:HUB HUNGARIAN TEAM:  Our CRE:HUB team counts five members. Ákos Szépvölgyi, managing director of CTRIA, he is the main decision-maker, his hobby is football. Erika Somogyi, financial manager in the project, she is a Paris fan. Ágnes Bonda, communication manager in the project, her hobby is motorcycling. Gabriella Baráth, project manager, she is an animal lover, and finally György Fekete, other participant, he is a sportsman.