WHO WE ARE:  Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR) unites 26 municipalities in central Slovenia. It is responsible for strategic development in the Ljubljana Urban Region: co-developing regional development policies and strategies, ensuring financial and human resources for sustainable regional development, as well as planning and implementing versatile projects through interdisciplinary partnerships. RRA LUR is also the main institution supporting creative sector at the national level, it has commissioned more research than any other institutions and was a partner in the main creative projects implemented in Slovenia in the last years. It plays an important role in the policy making process particularly in relation to creative sector since Ljubljana Urban Region is a national front runner in terms of creative sector share and a leading institution promoting the creative sector at the national level.  

WHAT WE EXPECT FROM THE PROJECT:  In the framework of CRE:HUB project we expect to transform and upgrade the relationships established with the creative clusters and international initiatives into a domain of policy support and exchange knowledge among regions with different level of capacities and experiences in CCIs supporting policies. We are young and qualified team of experts from various fields that coordinates and implements activities of CRE:HUB project. We work in the framework of Regional Creative Economy Centre (RCKE) that operates under the auspices of RRA LUR.  


Lilijana Madjar MSc, Member of Steering Committee in CRE:HUB project is a directress of RRA LUR. She is also very active as a member of the Committee for monitoring the Operational Programme, the chairwoman of the Development Council of the Western Slovenia Cohesion Region, deputy president of the Slovenian Innovation Hub Council and the vice-chairwoman of the Regional Development Agencies Association (RRA GIZ). 

Tina Pezdirc Nograšek MA, Head of CRE:HUB project is an architect and a designer. She manages projects that highlight the role of design in developing new economic and social value through project cooperation and involvement of different stakeholders as well as the achievement of successful outcomes. At the same time she has been involved in the direct policy making process by being appoited as an advisor to develop strategic documents in the field of creative sector.  

Aidan Cerar PhD, Expert Advisor for CRE:HUB project, is an urban sociologist who focuses on the promotion of creative urban regeneration and collaboration with the creative communities. He has been involved in several expert policy development groups at the national level. He often takes part in interviews and round tables, and is the author of many expert and scientific articles.

 Barbara Boh, Communication Manager for CRE:HUB project primarily provides communication support to ongoing projects, focusing on the field of communication, organization of events, promotion and media relation, for which she is responsible in various fields (creative sector, tourism, ecology,sustainable mobility, etc.).