Lucana Film Commission as a starting point for the Basilicata movie Hub 

The Foundation "Lucana Film Commission" (LFC) was established in 2012 with the purpose to promote and support the production of films, television, audio-visual materials and advertisements in Basilicata. The production and distribution of the works born in the region can exploit grants and incentives provided through the specially established LFC fund.

The LFC facilitates and accelerates, in cooperation with local authorities, the procedures for issuing authorizations, permits, concessions and whatever else is necessary for the realization of films, television productions and advertisements; it represents the role of ‘facilitator’ of bureaucratic processes that often slow down the implementation of projects and initiatives mainly in the Southern of Italy.

Since 2014, 24 films have been produced on the regional territory and in several locations, not only Matera, but also other locations: the archaeological area of Metaponto, the beaches of Maratea and Pisticci, and the lunar landscape of the Calanchi.