More than seven decades ago the Diputación Foral (Territorial Administration) of Navarre, in an Order signed on 21 August 1940, founded the Institución Príncipe de Viana as the Culture Council of Navarre, with three specific functions:

  1. Restoration, maintenance and custody of all the Artistic Heritage of the Kingdom.
  2. Research, study and promotion of its History, Law, Literature, Customs, Traditional Handicrafts.
  3. Dissemination of Culture through Publications, Libraries, Archives, Museums, Courses, Conference and Tourism.

The sections initially envisaged were Artistic Heritage, Publications and Popular Culture, and that of Museums, Archives, Libraries and Handicrafts. From that moment on, this department with competencies for culture has worked within a traditional vision of culture, incorporating cultural industries (mainly through the cinema and audiovisual sectors) on a scalable basis. Within the logical evolution of a Public Administration, the Department of Culture, Sport and Youth now includes cultural and creative industries in its organic structure, this being a sector that will receive considerable attention in the next few years.

In this new phase, certain features emerge within the framework of the concept of culture that covers cultural and creative industries:

  • Across-the-board nature of cultural sectors, both traditional and industrial
  • Importance of content that generates intellectual property: copyright and associated rights.
  • New search for funding that generates co-responsibility and involvement of civil society in cultural sponsorship projects.
  • Intersection between the economy, culture and law
  • Incorporation of creativity as a core element of production and the search for artistic, cultural or heritage content.
  • Goods, services and activities frequently protected by intellectual property: copyright and associated rights.
  • Demand and behaviour of audiences, which is difficult to anticipate, and new forms of consumption of culture through the social networks.


Fernando Pérez Gómez, project manager, general director of culture. Expert in creative cultural management, with extensive experience in public and private projects, specialized in organization, coordination and development of cultural projects of music, theater, dance and audiovisual and other ICC.

Mª Camino Barcenilla Tirapu, has a huge experience in project management and, will contribute actively to context and SWOT analysis of the cultural and creative industries sector and in the draw up an operational roadmap, reaching project objectives and in checking the quality of project deliverables analyst. 

Nuria Álvarez Ajuria, Communication manager for CRE:HUB project in organization of study visit and bar camp, in promoting events, in management of communication tools and media relations and throughout administrative and financial related to the project.

Anne Kurzweg is expert in European cultural policy with experience in EU cooperation projects. She will help the Government of Navarre to make the most out of the CRE:HUB policy learning process by assisting with the development of the project milestones from within the local policy framework, and by supporting organizational aspects of the project.