Interesting and fruitful proposals came out from an interesting debate among foreign European experts, stakeholders, ministries and organizations during the two day events organized by CRE:HUB partner: the Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR),

RRA LUR will continue its work with different project activities related to the preparation of policies in the field of CCI, such as the process of drawing up an action plan. In fact RDA LUR strongly believes in the cooperation with key stakeholders and partners to achieve positive results . 

The meeting that was organised on October 2nd and 3rd and it has been extremely important for the preparation of the Action Plan for the CCI area and for the improvement of the document “Roadmap: Culture and Creative Industry Strategy in Slovenia ". 

The “Roadmap” represents a starting point to find solutions to the challenges of putting the role and significance of CCI in the upcoming national/regional/local strategies, and in order to understand and recognize potential support, incentives and funding mechanisms that will enable the implementation of the planned strategic direction and achievement of the pledges.