The CREADIS good practice ZAWP Bilbao (Zorrotzaurre Art Work in Progress) is now published in the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform good practice database. 

ZAWP is a consolidated movement of people working in the social, economic and cultural revitalization to address the "meanwhile" of an urbanistic plan in Bilbao. It is an exercise of reflection and interpretation which, in turn, works on the economic and social regeneration of a degraded industrial area through the creation of opportunities based on culture and creativity and paves the way for other companies and initiatives to enter the area as well.

Originated as an idea of a cultural non-profit association, it has evolved into practice as a citizens’ movement, open not only to those in the cultural and creative sector, but to all society. It is a laboratory for research, artistic creation and production, as well as a platform for collective learning and social innovation. Its physical ecosystem, composed of several industrial warehouses, serves as a tool to favour these objectives, especially the most intangible and important values.

Carl Arvid Dahlöf – Interreg Expert

This is an interesting example of how urban transformation can help generate an outlet for research, creativity and social innovation. The practice highlights the importance of creating an interface between different community stakeholder groups, and the drive to create new opportunities with the physical infrastructure as the tool. This approach to a changing urban environment, and the space the community members can claim in this context, can surely provide inspiration and valuable insight to movements elsewhere.

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