Hosted by the Lead Partner, next 3rd and 4th July the 3rd CREADIS3 project study visit will take place in the Basque Country.

During the identification of RIS3 priority sectors, three priorities have been defined in the Basque Country that affect different sectors with a strong specialization and skills:

Advanced Manufacturing, Energy and Bio-health Convergence. In addition to these three priorities, 4 other opportunity territories have been identified, one of which is Culture and Creative Industries. The development of this new territory of opportunity has been assigned to the Department of Culture and Language Policies of the Basque Government. In this context, the participation as lead partner in CREADIS3 project is fundamental.

Therefore, the CREADIS3 priority and collaboration framework is to Articulate better culture and economic policies for effective CCIs innovation policies. For this aim, the close relationships and collaboration with our public and private stakeholders, from culture and economy areas, is a key element for the Basque Country. Therefore, the active participation of several of Basque stakeholders during the study visit will be one of the main issues.  

Cross sectorial policies are also one of the main challenges: innovative tools to cross CCIs with the rest of priorities and opportunity territories identified in the Basque RIS3 are needed, so exchanging knowledge and experiences with the rest of CREADIS3 Partners of about this subject, will be of great value. 

And even looking to the future, the Basque Country can´t forget about its past, and its strong cultural identity, that are also one of its main actives as a nation.

Taking all this into account, three are the main pillars to be carried out during this study visit: 

  • Innovation in CCIs Public Support Policies: we need to be creative and innovative ourselves, when defining our CCIs Public Support Policies (Beaz, one of our GPs, will present us the Bizkaia Creativa initiative. They will also be our hosts for first day meeting, and collaborate with us in the stakeholders networking session). Our second day workshop will also address this subject.
  • Cultural Heritage: we do have an extensive cultural heritage, both tangible (like the Santa Maria Cathedral in Vitoria-Gasteiz, one of our GP that we will have the opportunity to visit, or first line cultural facilities like the Guggenheim Museum or the Artium), and intangible (Basque culture and language, social habits, etc., that we will also try to show you)
  • Gastronomy: Basque Country is well known for its fantastic gastronomy. There are not only Michelin stars restaurants but also a wide range of RDi facilities and industries developing around this sector (Gastronomic Policy of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, a project currently being developed by the province council of Gipuzkoa, with the technical support of BCC -Basque Culinary Centre- will also be presented during the SV)

1st Site Visit - Venue: ZAWP-Zorrozaurre Art in Work Progress:

2nd Site Visit - Venue: FCSM Fundación Catedral Santa Maria: