The European Parliament chooses the INTERREG Europe CREADIS3 project and the activities of the Basque Government in the field of cultural and creative industries as a good European practice

Last 21th March a conference was held in Brussels within the framework of the “cultural and creative industries” intergroup of the European Parliament, focused on the regional dimension and on the potential of culture and creative industries and regional development. The European Parliament invited the Basque Government to intervene and present the INTERREG Europe CREADIS3 project led by the Culture Directorate of the Basque Government, as well as the foundations of the Basque strategy to support cultural and creative industries. Camila de Epalza Azqueta, in representation of the Basque Government and the CREADIS3 project, intervened in the session, presenting the added value of CREADIS3, as well as the main components that make up the Basque strategy to support cultural and creative industries, and the potential offered by the Smart Specialisation Strategy in all this process.

  Along with the Basque Country, the region of Skäne was also chosen as a good practice. The conference, with a top-level panel, included the interventions of the Director-Generals of Regional Policy and Culture of the European Commission, along with the chairmen of several European Parliament Committees. Hundred representatives from European regions, European culture and creative sectors and European platforms in addition to European institutions attended the event in the European Parliament. 

 The aim of the conference was to provide strategic elements of interest, in line with the regional potential of the cultural and creative industries. The conclusions of the conference will become part of the European Parliament's position with respect to the perspectives of the future 2021-2028 EU priorities and Programmes in the field of culture and creativity and their relationship with regional development. 

CREADIS3 would be part of this future position, providing specific elements and the joint work of 6 project partners lead by the Basque Government.