The 5th stakeholder meeting,organized by the Basque Country Partner, was held last 20th June in Bilbao. Also the RIS3 CCIs Pilot Group of Euskadi participated in the meeting; in total almost 40 persons took part in the event.

After an introduction by the Vicecouncillor of Culture, Joxean Muñoz, a summary of the main actions referring to RIS3 KSI-CCI 2018-2019 was carried out.

KSI Berritzaile is a programme aimed at companies in the field of Basque Cultural and Creative Industries, with the objective of creating and developing opportunities for new projects in three areas of action: technological innovation, organizational model innovation and financial training of companies.

Later on, the CREADIS3 Project update took place, followed by a presentation of the BASQUE DC2 – Basque District of Culture and Creativity.

BASQUE DC2 is about taking a first step towards the consolidation of Euskadi as a Cultural and Creative District, both in our environment and outside borders. It is also the Basque contribution to the consolidation of a cohesive and networked CCI sector, with a qualified and specialized support service focused on improving the capabilities and future opportunities of companies and people in the sector. In addition, it would offer Euskadi the opportunity to position itself internationally as a Cultural and Creative District, and this, in turn, would facilitate the attraction of talent and the generation of collaborations on an international scale.

During 2019 the BASQUE DC2 has launched its implementation process: BASQUE DC2 window placed in SPRI (Basque Development Agency); Programmes catalogue; Service catalogue.

Afterwards, several presentations referring to the RIS3 - Strategic priorities and Territories of Opportunity were carried out. The focus was put mainly on the Food sector: Biosciences and Health; Food; Cross: Health Food.

The last part of the meeting was devoted to three workshops, where the participants were divided into: RIS3 Cross – Food; BASQUE DC2 - Strengths – Weaknesses; BASQUE DC2 – Development model.

Finally, the conclusions of the three groups were presented.