The last stakeholder meeting took place on 6th May in Bratislava, Slovakia. Recognizing the importance of cooperation between public administrations and its key actors in the development of cultural and creative industries in the regions, representatives of regional and local authorities were invited to this stakeholder meeting as experts to develop a common debate on this issue.

After a brief introduction to the preparation of the Action Plan of CCIs Development (CREADIS3 project, methodolody and action lines of action plan), a fully detailed presentation on Action Line no. 2: Supporting the development of regional policies in the cultural and creative industries, was carried out.

Brief information about the initial situation and problem areas defined within this action line:

  • CREADIS3 commitment to improve the policy instrument identified (IROP PO3)
  • the absence of strategic documents at the regional and local level supporting the cultural and creative industries in their area
  • lack of awareness of cultural and creative industries and its positive contribution to local and regional development
  • the need for a deeper mapping of the regional creative ecosystem (its resources, needs and actors) as a basis for the effective setting of strategic goals
  • insufficient exchange of information and experience between regional and local authorities in support of cultural and creative industries

Afterwards, a presentation of the current state of the Strategy for the Development of Local and Regional Culture and Culture of National Minorities took place. Also a presentation of good practice – KOŠICE city and Creative Industry Košice, n. o. (CIKE) /as a inspiration for other reagions and cities/ followed.

Later on, a discussion about possible action for the action lines between stakeholders followed. Another part of the program was a discussion at individual tables (about 8 participants at one table) on the creation of regional / local strategic documents aimed at supporting CCIs at regional and local level.  

Participants based on the current situation in the given region / city concerning the existence / absence of this type of strategic document discussed the facts that either led to its creation or, on the contrary, the absence, what were the benefits / negatives in the process of its creation as well as the benefits / negatives associated with its implementation, or what is the potential for creating this type of document in their region / city and what kind of actions would help to create it. Last but not least, they also suggested some specific actions that should be considered within the proposed action line to support the development of regional policies in the cultural and creative industries.

The main outputs were subsequently presented and became important bases for proposals within the framework of the action line no. 2.

Finally, a brief information about actions that have been suggested by Ministry:

  • Creation of a methodology aimed at effective making of regional / local policies in the area of CCI support.
  • Objective: Support the creation of specifically focused strategic documents creating favorable conditions for the development of CCIs in a given region / city for the purpose of its sustainable development.
  • Specific workshops in in regionsaiming to raise awareness about CCI contibution to regional and local development.
  • Objective: To raise awareness of the importance of CCIs for regional and local development and to present the methodology developed for the creation of regional / local policies in CCI support.