Local stakeholders of Slovakia met on 4th April 2019 in Slovakia.

The meeting started with the Introduction to the preparation of the Action Plan of CCIs Development (CREADIS3 project, methodolody and action lines of action plan). Based on the CREADIS3 methodology, the Action Plan will have a maximum of 12 actions. The Action Plan will be set up for 2020-2021. Action Plan as the main output of the project will provide information on how the experience gained from project cooperation will be implemented in order to improve the policy instrument addressed in the region. Specifically, it will determine the nature of the activities to be implemented, their timeframe, participants, costs and sources of funding.

It will contain the following lines of action:

1) Improve the quality of interventions in relation to cultural and creative industries at national level

2) Supporting the development of regional policies in the cultural and creative industries

3) Creating a new Strategy of Development in Cultural and Creative Industries

Later on, the Action Line no. 1: Improve the quality of interventions in relation to cultural and creative industries at national level at national level was presented in detail:

  • Brief information about the initial situation and problem areas defined within this action line: CREADIS3 commitment to improve the policy instrument identified (IROP PO3)
  • Conclusions of the Evaluation of the 2015-2017 Action Plan: Several tasks related to CCI support from ESIF funds were not fulfilled in the AP deduction.
  • The issue of CCI is currently within the competence of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic and the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, but there is no stable form of cooperation that would provide space for mutual information exchange and synergy of planned interventions. 
  • Insufficient co-operation and communication between public authorities and the private sector in the field of CCI considering the development of support measures for CCIs.


Based on defined issues, the following actions have been suggested:  

  • Interim evaluation of ESIF 2014-2020 instruments supporting CCIs
  • Objective: identification of problem areas related to process of setting and implementation of ESIF instruments and giving recommendations and proposals for better addressing of needs that are reflected through ESIF programs in order to more effectively implement programs aimed at supporting CCI in the next programming period. 
  •  Creating a platform for CCIs 
  • Objective: Create an effective communication platform between the public and private sectors in the cultural and creative industries. 

Finally, discussion about the suggested action lines between stakeholders followed.